“Dear Foxglove I have used several different brands and styles of gloves …Foxgloves are the best ! the Elle style is Awesome ! and the colors ! WOW ! I tell everyone I can about your gloves …Thank you, I am a life long fan !Sincerely Tracie”

Tracie Conley

Protex Gloves - Gardening

I love Foxgloves. They are so comfortable to wear doing all kinds of things without impeding movement.”

Marlene Dodes-Callahan

Protex Gloves - Hiker

“Driving at 150 mph does cause the palms to get a little sweaty! Thanks to Foxgloves, I was able to keep dry and negotiate the immediate right, left turns at the end of the straight away. Thanks to Foxgloves, I was able to keep my car on the track and win my class for the event. Thank You Foxgloves! You made the difference! Sincerely Yours,”

Rick Huntoon
Protex Gloves - Dog

“I LOVE Foxgloves! (Both kinds – the flower AND the gloves!) I got my first pair 5 years ago and although I”ve had to sew up holes in the fingertips, this is the first time I”ve actually had to replace them! They are so comfortable and well-fitting, they are my very favorite garden glove EVER! Thank you for making this WONDERFUL product!”


Protex Gloves - Fence

“Love these gloves”

“My favorite gardening gloves! Have had a pair for years. The are great.”



“I just pruned my 45 rose bushes wearing these gauntlet gloves. They were entirely comfortable, not at all cumbersome and my hands and arms were perfectly protected from thorns. Thank-You!”

Christy Estrada

“Very comfortable”

“I always use Foxgloves for doing work with my plants that requires close attention to detail. They are very comfortable and great for fine work.”

Ann Hapka

“At last! I’m not getting scratched!!”

“I tried the Elle gloves and loved them, so decided to try the Gauntlet gloves. I live on an acre of land and am constantly finding volunteer plants that have thorns or spikes. Being 72 yrs old that usually means that the thorns tear my skin and leave me bleeding. So, after I got the Gauntlet gloves, I went out with my shovel, dug up some large thistles, picked them up and put them in the weed pile without any pain at all. I’m thrilled with the protection! Now on to the pruning and tree cleanup! Thank you!!”

Barb Frances

“Great Garden Gloves”

“This is my third pair of Foxgloves Gauntlet gloves I have purchased. First pair were large and found out I needed medium but I just passes them along to my husband.
I love these gloves as they are the best garden/yard work gloves I have ever owned. I really can work in the dirt and not bring my yard in under my nails. They save my arms and hands from getting cut up which is awesome.
And lastly, they save my hands from becoming sore and achy after a hard day in the yard which means I can go back to more yard work sooner.
I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!”

Hope Bradford

“The BEST gardening gloves!”

“These Foxgloves gauntlets are the only gloves I will wear for trimming my roses and my lemon tree. That Lisbon lemon has thorns the length of my index finger and it tore me (and my gardening gloves) up a lot of times before I found Foxgloves at a garden show.
I just bought my second pair of gauntlets. My first pair lasted about 7 or 8 years, which is a great value. I really love the fact that they’re machine washable, and they come out very nice and comfy after they’ve been washed. They are truly the best gloves I’ve ever used.”

Elisabeth Schultz

“My New Favorites!”

“I absolutely love these gloves. I planted my annuals today and the water/dirt did not go through my gloves and get under my fingernails. You can wear thick leather gloves to achieve this, but who wants to do that?”

Susan Wieldt

“They are the best!”

“These gloves are the best. I’ve been using them for 15 years. A local garden supply store had them and I tried them out. I’ve been buying them ever since. They last a long time and are comfortable. I really like the fact that they are not cumbersome and thick.”

Linda McElroy

“Love my foxgloves, have multiple pairs, everywhere!”

“I have used these gloves for years. Mostly as liners with my garden gloves as extra protection. Have a pair in the car for any hauling that comes up when I’m running errands. Easy to wash too!”


“Love Foxgloves”

“Foxgloves are the only gloves I will wear in the garden, they are light and thin, yet durable. So easy to clean, I just throw them in the wash. I particularly love the colors they come in, and that they hug your wrist, so dirt and water do not slide down into them. A perfect gardening glove.”

Kimberly Kolpin

“More Important than ever”

“During the pandemic I think wearing gloves is as important as wearing a mask. Foxgloves are perfect! They are affordable, come in beautiful colors and wash very easily.”

Sally Dowdle

“Sturdy, well made gardening gloves”

“The Foxglove Works are perfect for yard and gardening, wear well, and wash nicely. Find them especially useful when trimming holly hedges.”

Barbara Guenther

“My daughter has xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) that prevents her skin from repairing damage from the sun.Protexgloves are perfect for protecting her and being fashionable. The fine fit means she has dexterity and they last her a good while.”


Protex Gloves - Car

“I use Protexgloves for water aerobics, bathing, washing my hair, driving…my neuropathy is a symptom of MS, but anyone with chemotherapy or diabetes should know about Protexgloves. I have tried everything else. Nothing is as comforting as Protexgloves.”


Protex Gloves - Touchscreen

“I have scleroderma and often get painful ulcerations on my fingers and knuckles. I needed something lightweight, breathable and with grip so my hands don’t slip when driving or grabbing things. Protexgloves are it.”


“My hands don’t get enough circulation and can’t stay warm in the cool and cold months. Protexgloves work great – I can do any indoor work, including typing. I am never without them!”


“My fingers were all cracked under the nail and I had a rush of eczema on the right side on my left hand. It was awful and painful. Of course I needed some medical attention and the cream doctors gave me was good, but what sealed the deal was the Protexgloves gloves. I bought 2 pairs, one with grip and one pair without grip. I started wearing my glove every day for computer time, filing, dealing with paper for almost every daily task. They kept my hands moist, although very breathable, and since then, my hands are all cured and beautiful. I recommend these gloves even to those without problem just for protection especially when working with papers and chemical device. I wouldn’t go without them!”


“Protex Skin Guard”

“For the last couple years I’ve been suffering from light sensitivities and a severe sun allergy, spending a lot of time outdoors as a necessity and in the work I do; this became very difficult to do. I’ve tried allergy remedy after remedy and so many gloves I’ve lost count of them yet still struggled to be in the sun and recover when I had significantly bad allergic reactions. In the recent few years my allergy has got to the point where to go out of the house I’d need to be out far too early and far too late, carry umbrellas with me, and slip into awkward situations of waiting under whatever shade I could find until the sun would dim or go away. I could not live normally, I couldn’t work properly or take my dog for walks, it had become exhausting. To be quite honest after so many different gloves I was apprehensive to use these out of fear in another allergic reaction or the discomfort of wearing them yet I was pleasantly surprised! :’) I chose longer length gloves with grips to still be able to work and hold my phone, and since I have started wearing them they have protected me from the sun perfectly. I’m able to go out in direct sunlight for the first time in many, many, years, can finally do my work which is completely in the sun, and walk my dog again. We are both quite content with this and I cannot thank you enough for making these products.”

Rachel H

“Good morning, I have scleroderma and develop calcinosis on my hands, causing very painful small cuts. I also have raynauds, my hands are extremely sensitive to cold. I discovered these gloves on a scleroderma web site, recommended by a fellow sufferer. These gloves are wonderful and protect my hands beautifully. I am going to order a 2nd pair for two reasons. First pair I ordered was the color sahara, my next color will be vibrant iris, because the gloves are so nice, I don’t mind them being seen! Also, because my hands are smaller than usual, I will order my new pair in size small. I made a list below enumerating just some of the ways in which Protexgloves have helped me: Crack ice cubes out of tray Empty lint out of clothes dryer, re-insert lint holder Easily turn on twist turn lamps Easily open doorknobs (some are made of crystal glass and have sharp edges) Move things around in freezer without fingers turning blue Change bedding and pillowcases without pain (getting sheets around the tight corners can be difficult without aggravating little cuts (calcinosis) Opening jars, bottles of water Clean birds cages, gloves protect hands from any sharp edges Get a firm grip on the hairbrush to comb my hair Thanks for the great product!


“The BEST!”

“I can’t were any latex or vinyl type of gloves so these originally were a solution to that so I could have some protection to the skin on my hands during cleaning. I now use them any time I am cleaning, moving dusty boxes or really just about anything that can wear and tear on hands. I beat a very severe skin rash with the use of these.”

Christina Hoyt

Protex Gloves

“Best Gift to self Ever”

“Perfectly fitting. Saving my arthritic hands coupled with the best sun protection for my razor riding. You have a very happy customer.”

Jennifer Robison

“great compression”

“This is my fifth pair of Foxgloves, but my first pair of Protexgloxes. the others have been for outside work. I really appreciate all my Foxgloves, but the Protexgloves meet and exceeded my expectations. They work well as compression gloves. I have both bad joints and nerve damage and these gloves make my arms feel relaxed and well protected. I will be buying more in the future.”

Ruth Freese

“Protexgloves Elle”

“Foxgloves has made it possible for me to take much better care of my skin as I have developed contact dermatitis from the surgical scrub solutions that I have to use for my career. I have 8 pair of the Elle 3/4 length gloves and if you see me, I will typically be wearing them.”

Mirjam H

“Fabulous gloves!”

“I bought these gloves because of raynaud’s, needing to keep my fingers warm and still live and work, maintaining a productive life, and with these I am able to continue in my daily activities!

They are true to size. Soft, flexible and warm. I can put other gloves over them, allowing for additional warmth and protection during colder times of the day or night. They are just what I needed.”

Bonnie Mikula

“For my little girl”

“Norah was recently diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum. Sunlight cannot touch her skin, or it can lead to skin cancers. She has already had a few skin cancers removed due to exposure before her diagnosis. She is only 5 years old but such a brave little girl. Your gloves help her because she is able to experience some of her favorite activities like going to the park and playing in the fountains. Thank you so much for these awesome gloves!”

Hannah U

“Great Hat!”

“This is my second foxgloves hat as unfortunately I lost the first one in France after many years of wear. Comfortable to wear, great fit, keeps its shape, washable and wide brim delivers excellent shade. I bought 2 this time, one tan to replace the lost hat and one coral.”

Helen S

“I have six of these hats and I wear them to work every day I absolutely love these hats. You can get the base of the hat wet and put it back on your head and it doesn’t leak onto your face because the brim of the hat catches the water. I work in a greenhouse so when I sweat it’s really bad and this keeps me cool all day long I absolutely love these hats I have one in blue bright green white black yellow. On top of that the Hat is really cute on. It has an adjustable wire that goes around the brim twice and you can angle the hat over your head over your ears it is an absolutely wonderful hat. If you have a chance to buy one I recommend highly that you do.”

Hildegard M.

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