“Dear Foxglove I have used several different brands and styles of gloves …Foxgloves are the best ! the Elle style is Awesome ! and the colors ! WOW ! I tell everyone I can about your gloves …Thank you, I am a life long fan !Sincerely Tracie”

Tracie Conley, Upland, California

Protex Gloves - Gardening

I love Foxgloves. They are so comfortable to wear doing all kinds of things without impeding movement.”

Marlene Dodes-Callahan, Long Island City, New York

Protex Gloves - Hiker

“Driving at 150 mph does cause the palms to get a little sweaty! Thanks to Foxgloves, I was able to keep dry and negotiate the immediate right, left turns at the end of the straight away. Thanks to Foxgloves, I was able to keep my car on the track and win my class for the event. Thank You Foxgloves! You made the difference! Sincerely Yours,”

Rick Huntoon
Protex Gloves - Dog

“I LOVE Foxgloves! (Both kinds – the flower AND the gloves!) I got my first pair 5 years ago and although I”ve had to sew up holes in the fingertips, this is the first time I”ve actually had to replace them! They are so comfortable and well-fitting, they are my very favorite garden glove EVER! Thank you for making this WONDERFUL product!”

Elaine, Northern Virginia

Protex Gloves - Fence

“My daughter has xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) that prevents her skin from repairing damage from the sun.Protexgloves are perfect for protecting her and being fashionable. The fine fit means she has dexterity and they last her a good while.”

Susan, Manhattan Beach, CA

Protex Gloves - Car

“I use Protexgloves for water aerobics, bathing, washing my hair, driving…my neuropathy is a symptom of MS, but anyone with chemotherapy or diabetes should know about Protexgloves. I have tried everything else. Nothing is as comforting as Protexgloves.”

Mary, Tallahassee, FL

Protex Gloves - Touchscreen

“I have scleroderma and often get painful ulcerations on my fingers and knuckles. I needed something lightweight, breathable and with grip so my hands don’t slip when driving or grabbing things. Protexgloves are it.”

Jane, Chicago, IL

“My hands don’t get enough circulation and can’t stay warm in the cool and cold months. Protexgloves work great – I can do any indoor work, including typing. I am never without them!”

Karen, Glastonbury, CT

“My fingers were all cracked under the nail and I had a rush of eczema on the right side on my left hand. It was awful and painful. Of course I needed some medical attention and the cream doctors gave me was good, but what sealed the deal was the Protexgloves gloves. I bought 2 pairs, one with grip and one pair without grip. I started wearing my glove every day for computer time, filing, dealing with paper for almost every daily task. They kept my hands moist, although very breathable, and since then, my hands are all cured and beautiful. I recommend these gloves even to those without problem just for protection especially when working with papers and chemical device. I wouldn’t go without them!”

Francine, Maple Valley WA

Protex Gloves

“Good morning, I have scleroderma and develop calcinosis on my hands, causing very painful small cuts. I also have raynauds, my hands are extremely sensitive to cold. I discovered these gloves on a scleroderma web site, recommended by a fellow sufferer. These gloves are wonderful and protect my hands beautifully. I am going to order a 2nd pair for two reasons. First pair I ordered was the color sahara, my next color will be vibrant iris, because the gloves are so nice, I don’t mind them being seen! Also, because my hands are smaller than usual, I will order my new pair in size small. I made a list below enumerating just some of the ways in which Protexgloves have helped me: Crack ice cubes out of tray Empty lint out of clothes dryer, re-insert lint holder Easily turn on twist turn lamps Easily open doorknobs (some are made of crystal glass and have sharp edges) Move things around in freezer without fingers turning blue Change bedding and pillowcases without pain (getting sheets around the tight corners can be difficult without aggravating little cuts (calcinosis) Opening jars, bottles of water Clean birds cages, gloves protect hands from any sharp edges Get a firm grip on the hairbrush to comb my hair Thanks for the great product!


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