FOXGLOVES (Garden Gloves)

Welcome, FOXGLOVES are the perfect garden gloves. As a landscape architect and professional horticulturist Harriet Zbikowski tried every garden glove on the market, but never found one that fit well and could be worn all day. Most were so bulky and clumsy or hot and sweaty that she preferred not to wear any gardening gloves. There simply were no comfortable gloves that were breathable and offered complete dexterity. But not wearing gloves really takes its toll on hands and nails.

One day she tried a pair of women’s dress gloves from the 1950′s and they were nearly perfect as garden gloves. They fit snugly and protected her hands. But they weren’t meant for the job and the cotton gloves wore out quickly. She was constantly combing through thrift shops and flea markets to find replacements.

Then it occurred to her that replacing cotton with modern sport performance fabrics could make the perfect glove. The classic dress glove design used in the fifties combined with high tech sport fabrics SUPPLEX® nylon for durability and LYCRA® elastane for four-way stretch produced garden gloves that wore better than she ever imagined. Friends and professional gardener’s field tested the gloves under varied conditions doing everything from planting and weeding to raking and pruning. They gave these gardening gloves rave reviews! The response was so positive that she decided to make them available to everyone and began production right away.

We know you will enjoy FOXGLOVES garden gloves as much as we do. They’re “The Gloves You Love To Wear!”

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