The first thing you will notice is their form fit and comfortable feel. Most garden gloves are bulky and ill fitting. Not FOXGLOVES – you can do anything with these gloves that you would do barehanded. The fabric that we use is a SUPPLEX nylon/LYCRA elastane blend that has a nice soft feel but is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. When you have to get into the soil you will find that the gloves protect your fingers and nails from the dirt that usually gets through other gloves. And when you are finished you can wash them under the tap or in the machine and you will find your gloves soft and clean ready for you to wear again and again.

At this time we offer the Original and Grip styles in small, a medium (woman’s) size and a large (man’s) size. Because of the Lycra elastane content they do stretch to fit many different size and shaped hands. Gauntlets and Works styles come in small, medium, large and extra large (sizes are mentioned in centimeters).

Form fitting Foxgloves come in four unisex sizes:

Extra Small fits most children. Small fits glove size 6—6½ cm for petite and short fingered hands. Medium fits gloves size 6½—8 cm, for most hands. Large fits glove size 8½ cm and over.

Because of the tight knit and the brushed surface soil will not penetrate the cloth and your hands and nails stay clean. Even working in muddy conditions, your hands are still protected.

Foxgloves are not waterproof. The fabric is water resistant and will not retain water like cotton or leather. You can work and ride in wet conditions without compromising the quality of the fabric. When wet, water wicks away quickly and does not compromise your dexterity or grip.

Foxgloves easy care makes them ideal for everyday use. They can be rinsed under the faucet for light everyday washing. We recommend machine washing regularly to remove ground-in dirt and insure longevity. Machine dry on low or hang to dry.

No. The Foxgloves fabric is very light and breathable.

The first thing you will notice is their comfortable feel and form fit. The fabric is a Supplex® nylon/Lycra® elastane blend that is soft yet extremely durable and offers complete protection. Foxgloves provide excellent feel on the reins, are tough enough for everyday use and stylish enough for the show ring.

The lightweight fabric allows complete flexibility and barehanded sensitivity for optimum feel on the reins. Finger reinforcements and grip dots assure a secure grip, even in wet conditions. The tight knit and longer length prevents dirt from penetrating. Foxgloves does not absorb water like cotton or leather and will not stiffen or crack like leather.

The slim, stretchy fit makes putting your gloves on easy and comfortable, with no buckles or Velcro to fumble with or catch hair and dirt. The smooth, sleek profile eliminates the need for a clasp.

The longer length protects wrists and eliminates gaps between sleeve and glove. Foxgloves protects your wrist, jewelry and watches from scratches and dirt.

The cheap gloves are made of cotton, which don’t fit well and wear out quickly. Foxgloves are made of Supplex® nylon, a performance fabric tested and known for its durability and abrasion resistance. Lycra® elastane provides the added stretch for a comfortable custom fit that you will never find in a cotton glove.

Both! Foxgloves are the only gloves designed for all horse-related activities. While mucking, grooming or tacking up your hands will remain clean. The complete dexterity and soothing support of Foxgloves will make your experience of riding or drivin a pleasure.

These gloves will last as long as leather gloves. This fabric is used in athletic apparel and tested for ruggedness. Reinforcements prevent excessive wear between rein-holding fingers.


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